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During term time, Thursdays 2-4pm, staff and students of the Keeling Centre attend an Ancient Greek Philosophy Reading Group, co-convened with ancient philosophy staff and students from King's College London. A text (an entire dialogue or book of a treatise) is the focus of one or more terms. Participants take it in turns to translate and comment on a set section of the text, with discussion following. Holders of the Keeling Scholarship are required to attend, translate, and present once a term. MPhil.Stud students can take this course for credit, and are required to submit an essay or commentary on an aspect of the text, in addition to attending and presenting throughout the year. In the Summer Term, staff and students present work in progress, or translate an 'Old Chestnut' - a famous passage of an ancient text - offering new insights into the passage.

SUMMER TERM, 2023-2024
Plato, Crito (contd.) and Work in Progress

2nd May: Crito 52d9-54e2

India Griffiths, Joe Sibley

9th May: Dan Ferguson, ‘Plato’s Civic Tripartition and its Psychological Implications’


16th May: Merrick Anderson, ‘Three Platonic Responses to the Appeal of Injustice’


23rd May:  Joachim Aufderheide, ‘Personal Identity in Plato’s Protagoras and Vasubandhu’


30th May: NO MEETING (MM Fest)


6th June: Elena Cagnoli Fiecconi, ‘Stoics and Cyrenaics on Future Evils’


13th June: Shaul Tor, Buying off the Gods in Plato’s Laws’

SPRING TERM, 2023-2024
Plato, Euthyphro and Crito

Week 1 (January 11th): Euthyphro 2a1-4e3
Lawrence Evans, Jelena Milosavljevic

Week 2 (January 18th): Euthyphro 4e4-6e10

Jelena Milosavljevic, Lawrence Evans

Week 3 (January 25th): Euthyphro 6e11-9b11

Yaqub Eneborg, Alice Harberd

Week 4 (February 1st): Euthyphro 9c1-11b8

Yaqub Eneborg, Joe Sibley

Week 5 (February 8th): Euthyphro 11b9-13e14

Joe Sibley, Hugo Whitmee

Week 6 (February 22nd): Euthyphro 14a1-16a4

India Griffiths, Sean Williams

Week 7 (February 29th): Crito 43a1-45a5

India Griffiths, Hugo Whitmee

Week 8 (March 7th): Crito 45a6-47c6

Daniel Ferguson, Sean Williams

Week 9 (March 14th): Crito 47c7-50c4

Lawrence Evans, Alice Harberd

Week 10 (March 21st): Crito 50c4-52d8 

Joshua Cook, Andrea Romani

AUTUMN TERM, 2023-2024
Aristotle, De Anima II

Week 1 (September 28th): 412a3-413a10
Joshua Cook, Hugo Whitmee

Week 2 (October 5th): 413a11-414a28
Hugo Whit
mee, Lawrence Evans

Week 3 (October 12th): 414a29-415b21
Sean Williams, Yaqub Enebor

Week 4 (October 19th): 415b21-417a9
India Griffiths
, Alba Miriello

Week 5 (October 26th): 417a9-418a25
Konrad v. Boyneburg
k, Steve Townsend

Week 6 (November 9th): 418a26-419b9
India Griffiths, Yaqub Eneborg

Week 7 (November 16th): 419b9-420b23
Konrad v. Boyneburgk, Luca Dondoni

Week 8 (November 23rd): 420b23-422a7
Sean Williams, Steve Townsend

Week 9 (November 30th): 422a8-423a21
Jelena Milosavlje
vic, Joe Sibley

Week 10 (December 7th): 423a22-424b18
Joe Sibley, Jelena Milosavljevic

SUMMER TERM, 2022-2023

Plato, Laws I (contd.) and Works in Progress

April 27th: 642b2-643a8

Konrad v. Boyneburgk

May 11th: 646d8-647d7

Konrad v. Boyneburgk

May 18th

Ilaria Andolfi

June 1st

Angelo Giavatto

June 7th

Allison Murphy, 'Aristotle's More Natural Account of Friendship'

SPRING TERM, 2022-2023
Plato, Laws I


January 12th: 624a1-626e5

Lawrence Evans

January 19th: 626e6-628e1

Lawrence Evans

January 26th: 628e2-630d8

Steve Townsend, Hugo Whitmee

February 2nd: 630d9-633a3

Jelena Milosavljevic, Luca Dondoni

March 9th: 633a4-635b3

Luca Dondoni, Glenda Hall

March 23rd: 635b4-637b6

Joe Sibley, India Griffiths


AUTUMN TERM, 2022-2023
Aristotle, De Anima I

Week 1 (September 29th): 402a1-403a2

Week 2 (October 6th): 403a3-403b19

Week 3 (October 13th): 403b20-404b6

Week 4 (October 20th): 404b7-405b10

Week 5 (October 27th): 405b11-406b5

Week 6 (November 10th): 406b5-407b11

Week 7 (November 17th): 407b12-408a34

Week 8 (November 24th): 408a34-409a30

Week 9 (December 1st): 409a31-410b15

Week 10 (December 8th): 410b16-411b30

SUMMER TERM, 2021-2022

Old Chestnuts and Works in Progress

April 28th

Elena Cagnoli Fiecconi (UCL)

May 5th

NO SEMINAR (Keeling lecture)

May 12th 

Joachim Aufderheide (KCL)

May 19th 

Mike Coxhead (KCL)

May 26th

Jonnie Griffiths (UCL) & Branislav Kotoc (KCL)

June 2nd 

NO SEMINAR (Public holiday)

June 9th 

Fiona Leigh (UCL) - NB TIME: 12-2

SPRING TERM, 2021-2022
Plato, Laws X


Week 1 (January 13th): 884a1-887c4

Week 2 (January 20th): 887c5-890b2

Week 3 (January 27th): 890b3-892d1

Week 4 (February 3rd): 892d2-895a4

Week 5 (February 10th): 895a5-897b6

Week 6 (February 24th): 897b7-899d3

Week 7 (March 3rd): 899d4-902e3

Week 8 (March 10th): 902e4-905d7

Week 9 (March 17th): 905d8-908a7

Week 10 (March 24th): 908a7-910e4

AUTUMN TERM, 2021-2022
Aristotle, Metaphysics Lambda

Week 1 (September 30th): 1069a18-1069b24
Shaul Tor

Week 2 (October 7th): 1069b24-1070a30
Jonnie Griffiths, Lawrence Evans

Week 3 (October 14th): 1070a31-1070b35
Antonio Lai, Lawrence Evans

Week 4 (October 21st): 1070b36-1071b2
Hugo Whitmee, Luca Dondoni

Week 5 (October 28th): 1071b3-1072a18
Antonio Lai, Luca Dondoni

Week 6 (November 11th): 1072a19-1072b30
Jelena Milosavljevic, Michael Rhodes

Week 7 (November 18th): 1072b30-1073b17
Alba Miriello, Hugo Whitmee

Week 8 (November 25th): 1073b17-1074b14
Alba Miriello, Jelena Milosavljevic

Week 9 (December 2nd): 1074b15-1075a25
Chandler Clark, Jonnie Griffiths

Week 10 (December 9th): 1075a25-1076a4
Chandler Clark, Steve Townsend

SUMMER TERM, 2020-2021

Old Chestnuts and Works in Progress

May 6th

Lawrence Evans, Old Chestnut/WIP hybrid: 'EN I.7 1097a15-1098a20 - Perfection, self-sufficiency, and the function argument'

Jonnie Griffiths, WIP: ‘Socrates’ explanatory response to Cebes at Phaedo 95e-102b’


May 13th    

Branislav Kotoc, WIP: ‘Courage and Conversation in the Laches

Shaul Tor, Old Chestnut: Zeno B1-3


May 20th

Merrick Anderson, WIP: Book chapter on 5th century Friends of Justice


May 27th

Daniel Vázquez, WIP: tbc [suspension of belief]

Mike Coxhead, WIP: ‘Virtue, motivation, and contemplation in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics: must the happy contemplator contemplate with virtuous motivations?’


June 3rd

Amanda Greene, Old Chestnut/WIP hybrid: Plato’s Laws


June 10th

​Joachim Aufderheide, Old Chestnut: Theaetetus, 157-8?

Saloni de Souza, WIP: 'Past It?  Old Age in the Republic'

SPRING TERM, 2020-2021
Plato, Charmides

Week 1 (Jan 16th): 153a1-155b8 
Raphael Woolf

Week 2 (Jan 23rd): 155b9-157c6
Branislav Kotoc

Week 3 (Jan 30th): 157c7-159d12
Niels Christensen

Week 4 (Feb 6th): 159e1-162b3

Dom, Alice Harberd

Week 5 (Feb 13th): 162b4-164c6

Glenda Hall, Lisa Cernilogar

Week 6 (Feb 27th): 164c7-166e3

Marco Collatuzzo, Antonio Lai

Week 7 (Mar 5th): 166e4-169a7 (phamen einai)

Chandler Clark, Alba Miriello 

Week 8 (Mar 12th:169a7 (egō men ou)-171c10

Marco Collatuzzo and Alba Miriello 

Week 9 (Mar 19th): 171d1-174a9

Lisa Cernilogar, Luca Dondoni

Week 10 (Mar 26th): 174a10-176d5

Chandler Clark, Dom

AUTUMN TERM, 2020-2021

Plato, Charmides (Weeks 1-4)

Plato, Ion (Weeks 5-10)

Week 1 (Oct 1st): 166e4-169a7 (phamen einai)

Luca Dondoni

Week 2 (Oct 8th): 169a7 (egō men ou)-171c10

Alba Miriello

Week 3 (Oct 15th): 171d1-174a9

Alba Miriello, Chandler Clark

Week 4 (Oct 22nd): 174a10-176d5

Chandler Clark


Week 5 (Oct 29th): 530a1-532b7

Raphael Woolf

Week 6 (Nov 12th): 532b8-533e5 (exartatai)

Week 7 (Nov 19th): 533e5 (pantes gar)-535e6

Week 8 (Nov 26th): 535e7-537e8

Week 9 (Dec 3rd): 538a1-540a7

Week 10 (Dec 10th): 540b1-542b4

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