Colloquia on a theme or text in ancient philosophy are held every 3-4 years, and organised in conjunction with the Department of Greek and Latin at UCL.


The Tenth Keeling Colloquium: Method in Ancient Philosophy  (04/11/2013-06/11/2013)

Organised by Jenny Bryan

David Sedley (University of Cambridge) 'Epicurus on Dialectic'
Respondent: Fiona Leigh (UCL) 

Hugh Benson (Oklahoma) 'Dialectic in the Cave'
Respondent: David Lee (Oxford) 

Joachim Aufderheide (KCL) 'Dreaming and skepticism in Plato'
Respondent: David Sedley (Cambridge) 

Valentina Di Lascio (Paris) 'Sophistical vs merely apparent arguments. An analysis of Sophistical Refutations 8 and 10'
Respondent: Paolo Crivelli (Geneva) and discussion time

Jamie Dow (Leeds) 'Socrates' challenge: why dialogue is better than speechmaking'
Respondent: Nicholas Denyer (Cambridge) and discussion time

Myrto Hatzimichali (Cambridge) 'Posidonius' "Aristotelising" method'
Respondent: Christopher Gill (Exeter) and discussion time

The Ninth Keeling Colloquium: Moral Psychology in Ancient Philosophy  (07/11/2011-09/11/2011)

Organised by Fiona Leigh

Jessica Moss (Oxford): 'Bare Urges and Good-Independent Desires: Appetites in Republic IV'
Respondent: M.M. McCabe (King's College London)

Matthew Evans (Michigan): 'The Blind Desires of Republic IV'
Respondent: M.M. McCabe (King's College London)

Rachel Barney (Toronto): 'Virtue, Intellectualism, and the Method of Hypothesis'
Respondent: Terry Irwin (Oxford)

James Warren (Cambridge): 'Memory, Anticipation, Pleasure'
Respondent: Anthony Price (Birkbeck)

Raphael Woolf (King's College London), 'Courage and Pleasure in Aristotle's Ethics'
Respondent: Sarah Broadie (St. Andrews)

Daniel Russell (Arizona): 'Two Mistakes about Stoic Ethics'
Respondent: David Sedley (Cambridge)

The Eighth Keeling Colloquium: Self-knowledge in Ancient Philosophy  (11/11/2009-13/11/2009)

Organised by Fiona Leigh and Bob Sharples

M.M. McCabe (King's College London): 'From the cradle to the cave: what happened to

self-knowledge in the Republic?'
Respondent: Amber Carpenter (York)

Aryeh Kosman (Haverford): 'Self-knowledge and self-control in the Charmides: the self as

object and companion'
Respondent: Amber Carpenter (York)

Melissa Lane (Princeton): 'Weakness of virtue, not will: Plato on self-knowledge and akrasia'
Respondent: Miriam Leonard (University College London)

Tad Brennan (Cornell): 'Reading Plato's Mind'
Respondent: Miriam Leonard (University College London)

Jean-Baptiste Gourinat (Paris): 'Self-perception and perception of one's body in Stoicism'
Respondent: John Sellars (University of the West of England, Bristol)

Gwenaëlle Aubry (Paris): 'An alternative to Cartesianism? Plotinus's theory of the Self

and its posterity in Ralph Cudworth'
Respondent: Peter Adamson (King's College London)

The Seventh Keeling Colloquium (07/11/2007-09/11/2007)

Organised by Bob Sharples

Robert Wardy (Cambridge): 'Moral vision and legislating for the good in Aristotle'
Respondent: Peter Adamson (King's College London)

Carlo Natali (Venice): 'Particular virtues in the NE of Aristotle'
Respondent: Terry Irwin (Oxford)

Verity Harte (Yale): 'What's a particular, and what makes it so? Some thoughts, mainly about Aristotle'
Respondent: Peter Adamson (King's College London)

Christopher Gill (Exeter): 'Particulars, selves and individuals in Stoic philosophy'
Respondent: Angie Hobbs (Warwick)

Marwan Rashed (Paris): 'Particulars in Alexander of Aphrodisias'
Respondent: Peter Adamson (King's College London)

The Sixth Keeling Colloquium (08/11/2006-10/11/2006)

Organised by Bob Heinaman

Christopher Rowe (Durham): 'The Eudemian Ethics on Loving Things and People'
Respondent: Julia Annas (Arizona)

Jennifer Whiting (Toronto): Friendship
Respondent: M.M. McCabe (King's College London)

M.M. McCabe (King's College London): 'With Mirrors or Without? Self-perception in Eudemian Ethics VII.12'
Respondent: Julia Annas (Arizona)

Friedemann Buddensiek (Würzburg): Does Good Fortune Matter? Eudemian Ethics VIII.2 on eutuchia
Respondent: Sarah Broadie (St Andrews)

Stephen White (University of Texas at Austin): Eudaimonia in the Eudemian Ethics
Respondent: Sarah Broadie (St Andrews)

David Charles (Oxford) Eudemian Ethics on the Voluntary
Respondent: Jennifer Whiting (Toronto)

The Fifth Keeling Colloquium: Philosophy and the Sciences in Antiquity  (05/11/2003-07/11/2003)

Organised by Bob Sharples

André Laks (Université de Lille-Charles de Gaulle III): 'How does the distinction between philosophy and sciences help us in understanding the beginnings of Greek thought?'
Respondent: Anne Sheppard (Royal Holloway)

Dominic O'Meara (University of Fribourg): 'The Music of Philosophy in Late Antiquity'
Respondent: Anne Sheppard (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Jim Hankinson (University of Texas at Austin): 'Can One Science Employ the Axioms of Another? Aristotle on 'Kind-Crossing''
Respondent: Lindsay Judson (Christ Church, Oxford)

Jim Lennox (University of Pittsburgh): 'The Place of Zoology in Aristotle's Natural Philosophy'
Respondent: Lindsay Judson (Christ Church, Oxford)

Philip van der Eijk (University of Newcastle): 'Between Hippocrates and the Alexandrians: Medicine, philosophy and science in the fourth century BCE'

Respondent: Manuela Tecusan (Wellcome Trust/UCL)

Geoffrey Lloyd (University of Cambridge): 'Galen: Philosophy, Mathematics and Medicine'
Respondent: Vivian Nutton (Wellcome Trust/UCL)

The Fourth Keeling Colloquium: Plato and Aristotle's Ethics  (07/11/2001-09/11/2001)

Organised by Bob Heinaman​

Christopher Taylor (Oxford): Pleasure: Aristotle's Response to Plato
Respondent: Sarah Broadie (St Andrews)

Terry Irwin (Cornell): Glaucon's Challenge: does Aristotle change his mind?
Respondent: Anthony Kenny (Oxford)

Anthony Price (Birkbeck): The Irreducibility of the Ethical in Plato and Aristotle
Respondent: Sarah Broadie (St Andrews)

Roger Crisp (Oxford): Socrates and Aristotle on Happiness and Virtue
Respondent: Christopher Rowe (Durham)

John Cooper (Princeton): Plato and Aristotle on "Finality" and "(Self-)Sufficiency"
Respondent: Anthony Kenny (Oxford)

Richard Kraut (Northwestern): Justice in Plato and Aristotle: Withdrawal versus Engagement
Respondent: Christopher Rowe (Durham)

The Third Keeling Colloquium: Descartes and Ancient Philosophy  (10/11/1999-13/11/1999)

Organised by Gerard O'Daly and Martin Stone

Gail Fine (Cornell University): 'Descartes and Ancient Scepticism'
Respondent: Christopher Taylor (Corpus Christi College, Oxford)

Steven Nadler (University of Wisconsin Madison): 'Knowledge, Volitional Agency and Causation: Cartesian and Aristotelian Intuitions'
Respondent: Sarah Patterson (King's College London)

Daniel Garber (University of Chicago): 'Descartes and the Archimedean Revival'
Respondent: Tom Sorrell (University of Essex)

J-M. Beyssade (University of Paris-Sorbonne): 'La figure de Sosie chez Plaute et l'ego de Descartes'
Respondent: Jan Opsomer (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)

Stephen Menn (McGill University): 'The Discourse on the Method and the Tradition of Intellectual Autobiography'
Respondent: Vivian Nutton (The Wellcome Institute London)

John Cottingham (Reading University): 'The Virtues: Classical and Cartesian Virtue'
Respondent: Martin Stone (King's College London)

The Second Keeling Colloquium: Whose Aristotle?  Whose Aristotelianism?   (11/11/1998-14/11/1998)

Organised by Bob Sharples

William Charlton (Hexham, Northumberland): 'Aquinas on Aristotle on immortality'
Respondent: Richard Sorabji (Wolfson College Oxford and King's College London)

Helen S. Lang (Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut): 'Philoponus' Aristotle: the extension of place'
Respondent: Ben Morison (Corpus Christi College, Oxford)

Enrico Berti (Padua): 'Brentano and Aristotle's metaphysics'
Respondent: Richard Sorabji (Wolfson College Oxford and King's College London)

Ahmed Hasnawi (Paris): 'La logique comme analyse: la tradition arabe'
Respondent: Ben Morison (Corpus Christi College, Oxford)

Jonathan Barnes (Geneva): John Locke and the syllogism
Respondent: François de Gandt (Paris)

Monique Dixsaut (Paris): Y a-t-il un Aristote de Nietzsche?
Respondent: François de Gandt (Paris)

The First Keeling Colloquium: Aristotle and Moral Realism  (06/02/1994-08/02/1994)

Organised by Bob Heinaman

Bernard Williams (Berkeley): 'Acting as the virtuous person acts'
Respondent: Rosalind Hursthouse (Open University)

Pierre Aubenque (Paris IV): 'The twofold natural foundation of justice according to Aristotle'
Respondent: Troels Engberg-Pedersen (Copenhagen)

Jonathan Lear (Chicago): 'Testing the limits: the place of tragedy in Aristotle's ethics'
Respondent: Stephen Halliwell (St Andrews)

Sabina Lovibond (Oxford): 'Aristotelian ethics and the "enlargement of thought"'
Respondent: Troels Engberg-Pedersen (Copenhagen)

David Charles (Oxford): 'Aristotle and modern realism'
Respondent: Stephen Everson (York)

John McDowell (Pittsburgh): 'Eudaimonism and realism in Aristotle's ethics'
Respondent: David Wiggins (Oxford)