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The LOXY (London-Oxford-Yale) Conference in Ancient Philosophy is a conference open to staff and students at London universities (Royal Holloway, UCL, KCL, Birkbeck), Oxford and Yale.  


Held at UCL, London

Tuesday May 2nd

Saloni de Souza (UCL, London), ‘Everything in its Right Place: Zeno's Paradox of Place in Plato's Parmenides’

Response: Paolo Fait (Oxford)

Chair: Sophia Connell (Birkbeck, London)


Mark Kalderon (UCL, London), ‘Weaving and the Soul-Body Union in the Timaeus’

Chair: Raphael Woolf (KCL, London)


Jake Rohde (Yale), ‘Purpose and Process in Aristotle’s de Anima II.5’

Response: Elena Cagnoli (UCL, London)

Chair: John Sellars (Royal Holloway, London)

Wednesday May 3rd

Karen Margrethe Nielsen (Somerville College, Oxford), ‘The Magna Moralia on Prohairesis’

Chair: David Charles (Yale)


Andrea Buongiorno (Wadham College, Oxford), ‘Ontological multivocity and ontological primacy in Metaphysics Z4’

Response: Simona Aimar (UCL, London)

Chair: Luca Castagnoli (Oxford)


Brad Inwood (Yale), ‘Chrysippus and the Embodied Mind’

Chair : MM McCabe (KCL, London)


Held at Keble College, Oxford

May 13th 

Simon Shogry (Oxford) Vicious character traits as rational mistakes: the early Stoic account of the diversity of wrongdoing

Respondent: Elena Cagnoli Fiecconi (UCL)

Chair: Ursula Coope (Oxford)


Dan Ferguson (Yale): 'The ‘belonging to a kind’ reading of the Eudemian ergon argument'

Responsdent: Karen Margrethe Nielsen (Oxford)

Chair: Sophia Connell (Birkbeck)


Mike Coxhead (KCL) 'Motivating Aristotle’s account of ἐπίστασθαι ἁπλῶς (APo 1.2: 71b9-13): ideal ἐπιστήμη and the value of stability'

 Respondent: Michail Peramatzis (Oxford)

Chair: Udit Bery (Yale)

May 14th

Alesia Preite (Oxford) Cognitive Hula Hoop: 'The Role of Sameness and Difference for the World Soul and for Human Souls in the Timaeus'

Respondent Mark Kalderon (UCL)

Chair: Verity Harte (Yale)


Lea Schroeder (Yale) Epictetus on ethical prolēpseis. 

Respondent: Alex Bown (Oxford)

Chair: Fiona Leigh (UCL)


 Simona Aimar (UCL) Modality in Aristotle

 Respondent: David Charles (Yale)

 Chair: Harry Alanen (Oxford)

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