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Once a term, a colloquium is convened for graduate students in Ancient Philosophy in London (UCL & KCL), Oxford and Cambridge. The colloquium takes place over one day, in one of the three locations, and features a speaker and respondent from each. The colloquium is attended, and chaired, by a representative staff member from each of the institutions. 

The Tenth Ancient Triangle Graduate Colloquium

Friday 17th February, 2023 (Worcester College, University of Oxford)

Hugo Whitmee (KCL) ‘Metaphors in the Timaeus Receptacle Passage’

Comments by Madeleine Parkinson (Oxford)

Zuri Biringer (Cambridge) ‘Problems with Universals, Problems with Particulars: Aristotle's Metaphysics Z.13’                                       

Comments by Glenda Hall (Birkbeck)

Demosthenis Patramanis (Oxford) ‘A Defence of the Logical Atomism Reading of Socrates’ Dream in the Theaetetus

Comments by Yfke Van Der Heijden (Cambridge)

Chairs: Michael Peramatzis (Oxford), Shaul Tor (KCL), Laura Castelli (Cambridge)

The Ninth Ancient Triangle Graduate Colloquium

18th November, 2022 (Cambridge University)


Lea Cantor (Oxford) ‘Assuming Parmenides argued for numerical monism, what follows?’    
Respondent: Melissa Jones (Cambridge)

Lawrence Evans (London) ‘Aristotle’s Criteria of Finality and Self-Sufficiency’
Respondent: Andrea Buongiorno (Oxford)

Andrew Romanowski (Cambridge) ‘The Erotic Psychology of the Philotimos in the Symposium and the Phaedrus’
Respondent: Jelena Milosaljevic (London)

Chairs: Marion Durand (Oxford), Sophia Connell (Birkbeck), James Warren (Cambridge)

Eighth Ancient Triangle Graduate Colloquium

6th May, 2022 (Department of Philosophy, UCL)

Glenda Hall (Birkbeck), ‘The role of onoma in the account of false statement in Plato’s Sophist’

Respondent: Demosthenes Patramanis (Oxford)

Chair: Nicholas Denyer (Cambridge)

Hermann Koerner (Oxford), ‘But one must look there. Two Methods of Inquiry in Republic X 611b1–612a7’

Respondent: Ashley Lance (Cambridge)

Chair: Fiona Leigh (UCL)

Kyosuke Katada (Cambridge), ‘Heavenly Motion and Natural Place in De Caelo’

Respondent: Jonathan Griffiths (UCL)

Chair: Ursula Coope (Oxford)


The Seventh Ancient Triangle Graduate Colloquium

5th March, 2021 (via Zoom)

Alesia Preite (Oxford), 'What does the Universe Think About? On Cosmic Perception and Cognition in the Timaeus.' 
Respondent: Lawrence Evans (UCL) 
Chair: Raphael Woolf

Natashja Van Luijn (Cambridge), 'The epistemological function(s) of the comparisons in Democritus' B164’   
Respondent: Hermann Koerner (Oxford) 
Chair: Gábor Betegh

Luca Dondoni (KCL), 'The Quest for Fundamentality: Eleatic and Platonic Metaphysics and the Challenge of Infinite Descent' 
Respondent: Andrew Romanowski (Cambridge)

Chair: Michail Peramatzis

The Sixth Ancient Triangle Graduate Colloquium

30th October 2020 (via Zoom)

Branislav Kotoc (KCL) 'Say What You Believe - The Sincerity Condition in Plato'.

Respondent: Jacob Andersen (Cambridge)

Chair: Frisbee Sheffield

Chiara Martini (Oxford) ‘Aristotle on Geometrical Objects’
Respondent: Luca Dondoni (KCL) 

Chair: Joachim Aufderheide

Zoe Audra (Cambridge): ‘Heraclitus'  Theory of Action’
Respondent: Daniel Harkin (Oxford) 

Chair: Alex Bown

The Fifth Ancient Philosophy Triangle Graduate Colloquium

29th November, 2019 (Philosophy Department, UCL)

Kyo-Sun (KCL): ‘Why and in what sense is the just life the most pleasant kind of life?: Republic IX, 580c-583a’

Respondent: Zoë Audra  (Cambridge)

Chair: Ursula Coope (Oxford)

Guus Eelink (Oxford): ‘Why knowledge is not perception: Theaetetus 184b-187a’

Respondent: Chandler Clark (UCL)

Chair: Nicholas Denyer (Cambridge)

Rares Marinescu (Cambridge): ‘Proclus’ criticism of Aristotelian causality’

Respondent: Alesia Preite (Oxford);

Chair: Shaul Tor (KCL)

The Fourth Ancient Philosophy Triangle Graduate Colloquium

1st March 2019 (Worcester College, Oxford)

Kaicheng Fang (Cambridge), 'The Stoic Sage and the City in Seneca's De Clementia'

Respondent: Connor Fairbairn (KCL)

Chair: Michail Peramatzsis (Oxford)

Niels Christensen (UCL), 'Magnanimity in Aristotle'

Respondent: Sybilla Pereira (Oxford)

Chair: Elena Cagnoli Fiecconi (UCL)

Mattia Sisti (Oxford) 'On Ancient Pyrrhonism'

Respondent: Nathasja Van Luijn (Cambridge)

Chair: Nicholas Denyer

The Third Ancient Philosophy Triangle Graduate Colloquium

16th November 2018, (Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge)

Branislav Kotoc (KCL), ‘Courage and conversation in the Laches’

Respondent: Caterina Baldini (Oxford)

Chair: Myrto Hatzimichali (Cambridge)

Stephan Stephanides (Cambridge), ‘The importance of συμμετρία in Plato’

Respondent: Niels Christensen (UCL)

Chair: Simon Shogry (Oxford)

Harry Alanen (Oxford), ‘The aporia of Physics III'

Respondent: George Medvedev (Cambridge)

Chair: Raphael Woolf (KCL)

The Second Ancient Philosophy Triangle Graduate Colloquium

6th June 2018 (Philosophy Department, UCL)

Taichi Miura (KCL), 'Is the Philosophical Life Ascetic? The Affinity Argument (Phaedo, 78b-84b)'

Respondent: Vilius Bartninkas (Cambridge)

Chair: Fiona Leigh (UCL) 


Bradford Kim (Oxford), 'Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics IX.8 on Self-Love and Maximising the Fine for Oneself'

Respondent: Niels Christensen (UCL)

Chair: Myrto Hatzimichali (Cambridge)

Alessio Santoro (Cambridge), 'The One is not a Substance: Aristotle, Metaphysics Iota 2, 1053b9-24'

Respondent: Saloni de Souza (Oxford)

Chair: Ursula Coope (Oxford) 

The First Ancient Philosophy Triangle Graduate Colloquium

14th February 2018 (Keble College, Oxford)

Branislav Kotoc (KCL)

Respondent: Caterina Pello (Cambridge)

Chair: Ursula Coope (Oxford)

Katharine O'Reilly (Oxford)

Respondent: Kyo-Sun Koo (KCL).

Chair: James Warren (Cambridge

Stephen Hailey (Cambridge)

Respondent: Philipp Kurbel (Oxford)

Chair: Joachim Aufderheide.

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