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Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy

Director of the Keeling Centre for Ancient Philosophy

Dr. Leigh oversees and administers the S.V. Keeling bequest to the Department for study and work in ancient philosophy. This involves recruitment of research graduate students eligible for a Keeling graduate scholarship, and the appointment of a Keeling Scholar in Residence. It also involves organising the annual S.V. Keeling Memorial Lecture and Graduate Masterclass, and the S.V. Keeling Memorial Colloquium in ancient philosophy, the proceedings of which are published and edited by Dr. Leigh.


Fiona's main area of research concerns Plato's metaphysics and in particular his later period dialogue, the Sophist. She is currently working on a monograph that offers a novel reading of Plato's Sophist. This reading argues that the dialogue's central question is what it is to give an account (logos) of something in the world, and contains an account of being according to which there are two modes of being, constituting the nature of some property and conforming to such a nature. It is also claimed that cases of the first mode (Forms) are causes of cases of the second mode, and it is suggested that Forms are not universals.

Selected Publications

Psychology and Value in Plato, Aristotle, and Hellenistic Philosophy.jpeg
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