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Keeling Research Assistant, PhD Student, Department of Philosophy

Lawrence Evans received his MPhil. Stud. from UCL at the end of 2019, with a thesis on Aristotle’s function argument in the Nicomachean Ethics. He started his PhD at UCL in 2020, with a thesis centred on Aristotle’s conception of eudaimonia and its relation to human nature, primarily supervised by Dr Fiona Leigh, with addition supervision by Dr Elena Cagnoli Fiecconi and Dr Simona Aimar. Besides Aristotle’s ethics, he has research interests in Plato and in ancient philosophy more generally. He has taught a number of modules on ancient philosophy as a PGTA in the Philosophy Department at UCL. He also taught the ‘Introduction to Ancient Philosophy’ module in the UCL Summer School in Ancient Philosophy 2023. In May 2023, he was appointed as the Keeling Research Assistant in the Keeling Centre for Ancient Philosophy at UCL.

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